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Cali BUZZ BLASTER Buzz-Bait (FULL SIZE) double Gold bladed

Cali BUZZ BLASTER Buzz-Bait (FULL SIZE) double Gold bladed

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Bait: Full size double Gold bladed buzzbait
Size: 3/8 oz
Blade Options to choose from:
Standard Blades: Blades that splash and bubble very nicely and moves plenty of water. 
Noisy Blades: Specially bent Blades that come pre-adjusted to collide together to make loud clicking sound, splash, bubble and move plenty of water.

(Buzzbaits come complete ready to fish with swimbait trailer included.)
Colors available:
Please see photos for color options
Product Details:
Our buzzbaits are custom made with standard and or noisy clicking blades.
Both are designed to splash, bubble and move plenty of water that get Big Bass to strike.
Blade arms come pre adjusted but can be fined tuned and adjusted to your preference.
All Buzzbaits have full wire tied skirts with added texture and have the perfect hook to blade ratio that does not require a trailer hook.
Perfect to use in any water conditions, preforms excellent in windy and rough waters. So whether the wind is calm or down right crazy these are a definite must for any serious angler.
So put your order in today and start catching Big Bass.
To get the maximum performance from our BUZZ BLASTERS. Always keep blades clean from debris, adjust blade arms as needed.
Always be ready to reel in buzzbait, do not let it sink. Start reeling in as soon as it touches the water. Try different retrieval speeds. It's also a good idea to keep your trailer bait straight, by maintaining and keeping blades and blade arms straight and lure from sinking this will insure maximum performance and get you bit.
Any questions please feel free to message us anytime at:


⚠️ Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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